About Dolfin Hospital & IC

Dolfin Hospital and Infertility Centre (DHIC) at Kamrangichar, Dhaka is a private hospital started its journey in January 2020, registered with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and dedicated exclusively to the diagnosis and treatment in the area of medicine, gynecology, cardiology, infertility, orthopedics and many other diseases. 

The fundamental strength of Dolfin Hospital and Infertility Centre (DHIC) is its two teams - one of gynecologists and other surgery. The teams are composed of highly skilled, experienced and eminent gynecologists, surgeons and anaesthesiologists. Besides, a band of qualified and experienced nurses, technicians and other support personnel garnered from home and abroad are providing constant care to the patients.

At Dolfin Hospital and Infertility Centre, providing our patients with a trusted and compassionate environment for healthcare is central to our mission. We draw strength from our purpose, which is above all to help and to heal. Our physicians, nurses and other caregivers & supporting staff are passionate about providing the right care at the right time, bringing hope and healing to our patients and their families. Patients trust us with their most valuable possession – their lives - and all of our caregivers recognize the immense responsibility that comes with that trust.

Emergency Numbers

Dolfin Hotline: 01761-510710

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