Burn,Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

The Department of Burn, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is responsible for the acute care of severe burns and the treatment of related complications using the patient’s own skin, artificial or cultured skin. We aim to rehabilitate the patient to the most functional, aesthetic and social living standards. By integrating family members into the healing process, the medical team provides comprehensive holistic care for the patient.

Extensive thermal trauma is one of the most sever injuries a human being can suffer. The extensive and deep damage to body surface does not only cause local damages by penetrating the protective skin barrier, it also causes biochemical processes in the entire body with life-threatening effects.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery:-

Cosmetic surgery refers to procedures performed to enhance the body’s outer appearance. One of the plastic surgeon’s most essential jobs is to offer the patient detailed consultation. There are a variety of possible surgical procedures the patient can choose from. In the patient-surgeon consultation, they decide together which procedure is the best and most realistic for the patient, and which steps will be taken to reach their final cosmetic goal.

Our Doctors

Dr. Md. Sorower Jaman

MBBS, BCS (Health), D-Ortho (DMC), CCD (Birdem) ... ... ...

Burn & Plastic Surgeon