Department of Nutrition & Dietics

Welcome to our Nutrition and Dietics Department at Dolfin Hospital, where our Dietitians have the years of experience necessary to provide nutrition advice which gets results quickly and is easy to incorporate into your busy lives. We know that you don’t have to spend lots of money on fancy foods, complicated recipes and diets to get improvements in your health. We use simple foods which are good value for money and design individualised plans that work within your current eating habits and lifestyles to maximise the impact on your health.

Most people can only keep up a complicated meal plan for so long before we revert to our old habits. So, we work with your old-habits and just make realistic tweaks and swaps that keep your eating and cooking simple and easy. We can save you time and money with tried and tested plans and ideas for improving your diet.

Your appointment with us is all about you. It is your life, your health, your time, your goals and your food. We personalise the advice and provide the right tools for you.

There is a wide range of ways we can help:
  • To provide members of the community with affordable, evidence-based and personalised dietary advice and ongoing support to assist them to work towards achieving their health goals.
  • Nutritional screening, assessments and intervention for a variety of conditions
  • Nutritional supplements and tube feeding
  • Home Enteral Nutrition Service
  • Healthy Eating and Lifestyles Program
  • Support and advice to health professionals in regional areas.
  • Diabetes – type 1, type 2, GDM, group services
  • Eating disorders – MDT service
  • Healthy eating for adults and children
  • Malnutrition

Our Doctors