Department of Cardiology

At DHIC Department of Cardiology covers all heart-related diseases, employing experts and futuristic facilities together. Capable of making the most accurate diagnosis and providing supremely effective treatments, the department at Dolfin Hospital stands apart in quality of service.

The well-experienced, dynamic team here shows readiness to attend to patients at any time and is highly successful in handling cases both minor and major. The Department is noted for its ability to maintain consistency in great results at its major facets like Interventional Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Cardiac In-patient and Out-patient Services .

Interventional Cardiology:-

Interventional Cardiology is one of the most demanding form of heart care, which deals with all heart problems with the use of minimally invasive procedures. The Interventional Cardiology wing offers treatment of heart diseases as well as rectification of cardiac disorders at any stage. Each member of the team here, is specialized in one or more areas and has proven their expertise, thereby paving way for the fast recovery of patients.

Paediatric Cardiology :-

Providing extensive care and holistic treatment to children affected with cardiac problems, the section of Paediatric Cardiology at DHIC is manned by highly qualified and Experienced Pediatric Cardiac team. A wide range of heart diseases even in newborns, are managed impeccably. The team is highly specialized and performs complex tasks and procedures with ease, meeting the highest standards.

Structural Heart Diseases:-

Structural Heart Disease covers major heart conditions which includes valvular heart disease and issues in the heart’s muscular structure. The highly potent team of Dolfin’s Cardiology department is efficient in diagnosing and treating complicated valve problems. Our skilled Interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and vascular surgeons provide advanced medical solutions, nonsurgical methods and surgical measures to meet the patients’ needs.

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